Fall 2014 Calendar of Events

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* Fall Mushrooms Photo ExhibitFall Mushrooms Photo Exhibit

October-November: Fall Mushrooms Photography by Roger Heidt. Exhibit in the barn. Hours: Monday-Friday 9-4; Saturday 11-4.

* Coffee and ChatCoffee and Chat

Time: 9:00 am

Coffee and Chat. Each month on the second Thursday gather in the sunroom at Indian Creek Nature Center to enjoy coffee and conversation about the latest happenings at Indian Creek Nature Center. Enjoy a social time, and learn what’s happening in nature at that time, meet Nature Center staff and become better acquainted with our facilities, programs and trails. Free

* BSA -"Birds" - Wolf Cub BSA -"Birds" - Wolf Cub

Time: 6:00 pm

The Nature Center is the place to be if you enjoy watching our feathered friends and learning more about them! Discover the mysteries of migration, build your very own bird feeder, and play bird games in this fun-filled workshop. (Fulfills Requirements: a, c, d & e.) Registration closes Oct. 1st. To complete the process you must also download and fill out one Registration Form and one Roster sheet per pack/group and submit these two forms to ICNC via email or fax. THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ATTENDANCE.

* GSA - Wonders of WaterGSA - Wonders of Water

Time: 9:30 am

Saturday, October 11, 2014 9:30-11:30 AM - Girls Scouts - Brownie “Become” a droplet of water circling around in Earth’s water cycle. Explore a watershed and learn how it works! Create a rainbow and special art using watercolors. You will discover that water is our most valuable resource as you explore innovative ways to save and protect it. Visit a bioswale, discover and experiment with cement that soaks up rain and find out what a rain garden is! We will lead you on part of the Wonders of Water Journey. Cost: $11/Scout Attendance requirement: Minimum of 10 Scouts and maximum of 60. Registration and payment must be completed no later than Thursday the week prior to the scheduled workshop (at least 8 days before the workshop). Workshop registrations should be made through the Girl Scout office. To register by phone call 319-363-8335 or go to to register online

* Home School-Migrating BirdsHome School-Migrating Birds

Time: 1:00 pm

Home School Program - Birds, Migration and Preparing for Winter. The outdoor world is scrambling to prepare for the cold and snow. Bird activities are what we most often notice where you live in an urban or rural setting. Learn about how birds that stay in Iowa survive, how those that migrate know when & where, and how you can help those that stay. Learn about Citizen Scientist migration studies you can take part in. 1 ½ hours. Indoors and outdoors. Indoor program if raining. Fee: $5 per student age 5 and older

* BSA - Water & Soil Cons.BSA - Water & Soil Cons.

Time: 6:00 pm

Bear Cub Elective #15 - “Water and Soil Conservation” Friday, October 17, 2014 - 6:00-8:00 PM this workshop is CLOSED. No additional registrations accepted.

* GSA - Nature's ArtGSA - Nature's Art

Time: 9:30 am

Saturday, October 18, 2014, 9:30-11:00 AM. Girl Scouts - Daisy - Explore art in nature! Colors, shapes and textures are vibrant in the world around you. Spend time creating artwork from natural materials. Consider the sources and original locations of these materials. We will lead you on part of the Between Earth and Sky Journey. Cost: $11/Scout Attendance requirement: Minimum of 10 Scouts and maximum of 60. Registration and payment must be completed no later than Thursday the week prior to the scheduled workshop (at least 8 days before the workshop). Workshop registrations should be made through the Girl Scout office. To register by phone call 319-363-8335 or go to to register online

* Migration: Fall PhenomenonMigration: Fall Phenomenon

Time: 1:00 pm

Migration: The Fall Nature Phenomenon Saturday, October 18, 1 PM Explore the mysterious migrations of birds, butterflies, and reptiles. Learn how various creatures know when and where to go. Explore large and small migration journeys. M $3; NM $5; children $2.

* Eagle Scout OrientationEagle Scout Orientation

Time: 9:00 am

Interested in learning more about eagle scout service project opportunities at ICNC? Come and learn about available upcoming projects and begin the process. Preregistration required.

* Gather Prairie Seed Gather Prairie Seed

Time: 11:00 am

Gather Prairie Seed for Your Yard Saturday, October 25 11 AM-1 PM After decades of successful prairie restoration, the Nature Center is sharing its seed. Learn restoration basics and seed collection strategies. Spend time with our land stewards collecting seed for your prairie project. Bring a paper bag for seed collecting. Cost: $15 plus a large paper bag for your seed.

* Halloween Fun - Scary Stories!Halloween Fun - Scary Stories!

Time: 2:00 pm

Halloween Fun at the Nature Center: Scary Stories! Saturday, October 25, 2 PM. Join master storyteller Darrin Crow for stories that bump, jump, and thump! Darrin’s animated performance will actively engage adults and children alike as they enjoy these slightly scary and very fun tales. Create a mask to conceal yourself from all scary critters. Register at or call 319 362-0664. Children (ages 5 & up): M $2; NM $3. Adults: M $4; NM $5.

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Rain Barrels & Accessories


Rain Water Solutions “Ivy” Rain Barrel

The 50-gallon “Ivy” rain barrel provides a new era of design innovation for an economical price. Available in forest green. Made in Iowa of 50% recycled plastic, Ivy carries a 3-year warranty.  Ivy has a child-resistant lid, a redesigned screened intake, two big overflow ports to handle heavy rains and is easy to expand. In fact, people have chained up to four barrels together to handle overflow! No extra trips to the hardware store—all components included to start collecting and using your rainwater!

The Ivy is in stock for immediate pick-up.

COST:  $100  ( local big box/hardware stores pricing at least $50 more)
Click on image to order.



To order accessories, call the Nature Center at 319-362-0664.

Rain Barrel Stands

Rain Barrels Iowa has custom-designed sturdy rain barrel stands, hand-built with pressurized lumber to withstand the elements. These are available for single or double barrel set up. The stand front is recessed 4” to allow easy bucket or hose access to the spigot. Deluxe stand has front shelf for bucket.

Single stand is 24″ x 24″ and either 9″, 12″ or 18″ tall
Standard—$40.00 or $47.00 (18″)
Deluxe—$55.00 (18″)

Double stand is 24” x 48” and 12” or 24″ tall
Standard—$60.00 (12″) or $75.00 (24″)
Deluxe—$95.00 (24″)

Standard (single) Rain Barrel Stand – $40.00

Deluxe (single) Rain Barrel Stand – $55.00






Inline Converter 2×3 $40.00; 3×4 $45.00

Offset Converter 2×3 $45.00; 3×4 $50.00

White “Y” Diverter 2×3 $35.00; 3×4 $40.00









Downspout Diverter

Available in 2”x 3” or 3”x 4” sizes in a variety of colors to match your existing downspouts.  Diverter tab allows runoff to be diverted back and forth from downspout to rain barrel as needed.  Call Julie or Suzanne  at 319-362-0664 for color choices.


55-gallon spinning composter with stand

55-gallon spinning composter with stand

The 55-gallon capacity Spinning Composter barrel turns on its stand of pressure-treated lumber to aerate and process compost quickly and naturally.  Screw-on lid with screened aeration holes, drip holes in the composter bottom.  Capture excess moisture in a drip pan under the composter to use in fertilizing garden plants.

The barrel is heavy-duty  #2 plastic food shipping barrel, up-cycled to bring you the best composter ever!  Easy to turn:  fill it only to 1/2 full,  set it in the sun where rain can fall into it, and change your compostable scraps, pet hair, razor clippings, vacuum-bag contents, & shredded paper into rich compost to improve your garden.  See the composter in action in the picnic area at the Nature Center.  Price: $175  (Click on image to order)